Classes at Low Furness

Low Furness teaches children from nursery age through to year 6, where it helps them to transition to secondary school. As the children move up through the school they will gradually move into more serious study, but our subjects are always creative and lessons never lose the sense of joy and exploration that began in nursery.

Early Years

In Reception and Nursery we aim to have a happy, fun filled class where children learn in a nourishing environment. Play is how children discover the world and Low Furness provides a rich environment for indoor and outdoor play and learning.


Year 1

In Year 1, we provide a diverse range of activities and experiences including forest schools and swimming as well as a growing emphasis on each individual making the best possible progress in reading and spelling.

Year 2

As they move into Year 2, the children consolidate and build on their Maths, English and Phonics knowledge and start to explore some exciting new topics through our curriculum. The children are preparing to move into KS2 throughout the year.

Year 3

As the children move into KS2, the children are beginning to become more independent throughout school. They are expected to complete simple homework and read at least 4 times a week at home. They have  online maths games, swimming lessons and access a growing range of outdoor activities and visits.

Year 4

As they move further into Key Stage 2, our children are becoming more independent and our expectations rise. Their topics expand and their trips range further, and we start to place more emphasis on teamwork and mutual respect.

Year 5

In Year 5 the children move into a more diverse curriculum with more challenging lessons, school trips further afield and more use of our beautiful setting. There is regular homework and weekly spelling tests, and more use of online resources.

Year 6

We have high expectations of our final year pupils. They take on many more duties and responsibilities, develop leadership skills and prepare for the transition to secondary schools. We help them to grow into positive role models for our younger pupils.

Transition to high school

We support our children in their transition to high school in many different ways including visit days, science lessons, clubs and other trips. Transition dates that start in Year 5 and continue into Year 6.

Our Creative Curriculum

Our Creative Curriculum is designed to be vibrant, interesting and fun. We believe in educating children for life, developing key skills for now and their future so that in time our pupils will be ready for the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities that adult life will bring.

Lessons are planned so that they are engaging and relevant, incorporating a range of outdoor learning, practical activities, technology, trips and visitors wherever possible.

Virtual Learning Environment

Online learning is set via Tapestry for Nursery and Reception, and via Showbie for the rest of the school. 

Parents are informed by text and/or email about online access and passwords.

For any further information please contact the class teacher.