School Library

School Library

At Low Furness we have a well stocked library. We have a selection of reference and topic books that are grouped together using a basic Dewey system.

Our fiction sections are separated as pictorial fiction, early reader, classic and modern children’s literature.

Our library is looked after by Miss Martin and a group of 6 Year 5 children. 

Each class group has their own Year 5 librarian who helps the class teacher gather topic books and helps children select and check out books during their library sessions. All classes will take part in a library session every 3 weeks.  Children may take out a maximum of two books over a period of three weeks and have the option to renew.

Our library is supported by a key stage friendly programme called Junior Librarian and the librarians are able to help children circulate and evaluate the books they’ve read, we would like to encourage parents to help their children review books they’ve enjoyed to recommend to future readers.

Any donations of good quality second-hand books for our library would be greatly appreciated.