Information for parents

Information for parents

Here we are gradually bringing together a proper ‘things you might need to know’ area covering all the dates, trips, website logins, deadlines and contact information that you have been asking your WhatsApp group about. To start with, sorry, it’s a bit of a jumble of old pages and new:


An old page explaining that sometimes parents are asked to contribute towards the cost of activities. Soon to be made more useful.

Breakfast and After School Club

Times, costs and how to book.

Food & Healthy Eating

Another old page basically just saying NO NUTS and no bad snacks either. Milk and fruit are provided for younger children.

Illness & Medicines in School

What to do when your child is ill.

Parental & Community Involvement

An old page giving the occasions when you are invited into school and the other ways you can help.

School Library

Library resources explained, good quality donations sought.

School Meals

What meals are provided, how to book them and what other options you can consider.

School Uniform and Jewellery

This is another old page that we’ll update before the next intake. It describes the school uniform and gives the rules about jewellery in school.

Term Times

Gives term dates for the next few years and links to Westmorland and Furness in case you need more.

The School Day

Gives the full timetable for the lower and upper halves of the school, and the rules for attendance.