RHSE at Low Furness

The intent of the Relationships, Health and Sex Education (RHSE) at the Low Furness CE Primary School is to provide a comprehensive program that enables pupils to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world, becoming responsible citizens, gain an understanding of their physical, moral and emotional development and, therefore, develop into well-rounded individuals. The RHSE program is designed to be inclusive, age-appropriate, and sensitive to the individual needs of pupils, and to provide a safe and supportive learning environment where children feel comfortable to ask questions and share experiences. 

The RHSE curriculum is embedded throughout the school’s culture and curriculum, with clear policies, procedures, and guidelines in place and one that is reflected by our Christian Values. The program will be delivered through a variety of interactive and engaging teaching methods, such as role-playing, debates, and discussion forums, and would cover a range of topics, including mental health, physical health, relationships, drug and alcohol education, diversity and inclusion, and financial education. The lessons should be linked to national frameworks like the RSE, Mental Health, Equalities Act and will be taught in an age-appropriate manner.

Our RHSE curriculum will have a positive impact on pupils’ overall development, allowing them to develop key skills and attitudes such as self-awareness, resilience, and empathy, which are essential for success in life. Pupils will be equipped to make informed decisions regarding their health, relationships and money. Additionally, through this, pupils would also be able to foster a sense of community and appreciation of diversity, which would help them to become active and responsible citizens. Through trips, visits and visitors our children will be given exposure to experiences beyond our village setting. The school will promote a culture that prioritises the well-being and mental health of the pupils, significantly enhancing the overall learning experience. Overall, the RHSE curriculum at Low Furness will ensure that pupils are given the best possible foundation to lead fulfilling and successful lives beyond Low Furness.