Physical Education

Physical Education at Low Furness

As in all subjects taught at Low Furness CE Primary School our Physical Education (PE) curriculum is inspiring, challenging and enjoyable.

At Low Furness we promote a love of sport and enjoyment of physical activity. We aim to build both confidence and competency through a progressive curriculum. 

As we are located on the Furness Peninsula and are in close proximity to the Lake District the children’s water confidence and swimming ability is particularly important to us. To ensure the children have the skills required to stay safe in and around water they all take part in swimming lessons in every year of  their time at Low Furness regardless of ability. Reception and Key Stage 1 children have 10 half hour swimming lessons each year and this is increased to 20 per year in Key Stage 2. 

  • Children leave school competent in a range of PE skills. 
  • All children leave Low Furness having competed for their school. 
  • Children leave school knowing the benefits of living a healthy and active life. 
  • The least active children in school are identified and encouraged to join sport clubs in school. 
  • More-able children are identified and coached to compete at club level and beyond. 

We make use of a range of equipment and employ sports coaches to support areas of PE. This also includes thorough assessments of each child at the end of each term. Each class follows a curriculum which builds skills over each academic year. 

In EYFS & KS1 children are taught the fundamentals of PE which includes a physical, social and cognitive approach to learning. We make use of sports coaches throughout the year and take part in all opportunities where children are developing and representing Low Furness away from the school grounds. 

In KS2 children are taught how to use their skills in a safe and competitive way. An ethos of fair play and sportsmanship is recognised throughout the Key Stage. High expectations of behaviour are expected in PE sessions just like in other areas of the school. These values are also focussed upon when taking part in competitions and festivals where we expect behaviour to be outstanding too. Every child in KS2 is given a chance to take part in competitions with some being chosen regularly for their exceptional contribution to sport. 

Progressive planning across the school ensures that the EYFS and National Curriculum objectives and requirements are met. The curriculum is underpinned by our Christian Values and the School Games Values. 

Our curriculum caters for the needs of our individual children in our unique environment; we make full use of our extensive school grounds and the wider area. Every child in school takes part in an outdoor adventure day in the Lake District each year. In addition our children have the opportunity to go on a three day/ two night residential where they take part in adventurous outdoor activities in a safe, supported environment at least once during their time in Key Stage 2.

By having clear values we aim to keep our children safe and aim for them to take an active part in school life. By focusing on PE we hope to make children more responsible for their own health in later life.