Big Maths

Big Maths

What is Big Maths?

BIG Maths is a teaching approach that makes progress in maths easy and fun. BIG Maths has been extremely successful both nationally and internationally with thousands of children learning through daily BIG Maths ‘CLIC’ sessions and the weekly ‘Beat That!’ challenges.

BIG Maths answers the question, ‘How do we get children properly numerate as they journey through school?’ through its highly effective CLIC (Counting, Learn its, Its nothing new & Calculation) framework and accurate steps of progression (Progress Drives) that make new learning easy and obvious to children by cashing in on the timeless laws of maths.

In addition to this, BIG Maths is perfectly aligned with the new (September 2014) National Curriculum’s heightened focus on core numeracy skills such as learning tables securely, applying existing knowledge to new contexts and developing both mental and formal calculation skills.


Our delivery of BIG Maths provides the school with a clear sequence of progression for every aspect of number, daily dynamic basic skills sessions, a weekly assessment tool and engaging, child friendly resources.

BIG Maths is therefore a rigorous, systematic and structured approach that provides children with a fun and lively experience as they learn through jingles, songs, games and the BIG Maths characters.

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