Geography at Low Furness

At Low Furness CE Primary School, our Geography curriculum supports all children in developing a deep and meaningful understanding of the world they live in. 

It should spark a lifelong curiosity and appreciation of places and people they have never experienced before and raise big questions about the local and international environment and its future. Geographers make links and connections between the natural world and human activity.  

In line with the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum for Geography which must be balanced and broadly based, our school commits to ensuring that every pupil at every stage of learning has regular and appropriately challenging and engaging learning in Geography. We use a mix of Twinkl Plan It and our own teacher-developed units to deliver the objectives. Geography has meaningful links to other subjects such as Reading, Writing, History and Art and Design. 

Geography at Low Furness CE Primary School is taught in individual year groups and follows a two-year cycleTopics have been selected and planned intelligently, in line with the National Curriculum, in order that key geographical skills can be revisited and built upon throughout the children’s time at our school. This ensures that each child can achieve depth and confidence in each Geography objective.