Visions and Values Crew

Visions and Values Crew

Our Visions and Values Crew has been formed to give the children in our school input into the way we worship. 

The crew is made up of twelve members from Year 5 and 6, closely supported by Mrs Taplin (RE subject leader). The children have complete ownership of the crew.

Meet our 2023-2024 crew:

The children have half termly meetings to discuss plans for taking ownership of collective worship, church services, looking after the prayer space and participating in other faith based events in school. 

Worship Council’s main aims are to: 

  • Celebrate and create a sense of fellowship through worshipping together in our school
  • Feedback on ways our children would like to be involved in Worship
  • Create and deliver Collective worship each half term
  • Run the Prayer Space for the rest of the school
  • Participate in church events
  • Organise ways that we can use our christian values to support others.

Visions and Values Crew has been designed with the aim of allowing the children to take more ownership and lead worship in our school effectively. Each half term the crew plan and deliver an assembly to the whole school on our Christian Value of the half term. 

When conducting collective worship in the hall, the Visions and Values crew;

  • Welcome the rest of the children
  • Light the candles
  • Read a bible passage
  • Say a prayer or lead the Lord’s prayer