Year 2

Welcome to Year 2. This year the class is taught by Mrs.Whitehead who teaches on a Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs.Muggridge who teaches on a Monday, Thursday and Friday.We are very lucky to have the support of the fantastic Teaching Assistants Mrs.Stubbs and Mrs. Leech.

This year our class has a space theme which encourags the children to 'Reach for the stars' and 'Have a blast.'

THroughout their time in Year 2 children will have the opportunity to consolodate and build on their Maths,English and Phonics knowledge. THey will also explore some exciting new topics through our Creative Curriculum which covers History, Geography and Art and design Technology.. Topics will include Toys, the Spirit of Christmas,I Spy (Looking at our local Geography),Castles, Field to Fork and Beatrix Potter. We are hoping to have some exciting educational visits in the future to broaden the children's learning.