Term Times

School Term Dates 2020/21

Holiday lists for the school year are readily available from the school office and from the Cumbria County Council Website. We believe that every day in school is vital for your child to progress and make progress in their learning. Therefore it is a school policy to work closely with all families in order to enable all children to take holidays only in specified holiday times. In exceptional circumstances Parents may need to take holidays in term time. If this is the case an application for leave of absence must be made in advance to the Headteacher, at least two weeks before any proposed holiday date. The number of days leave granted is at the discretion of the Headteacher Each individual case will then be carefully considered. If a leave of absence for up to 10 school days has previously been authorised in any one school year additional time will NOT be authorised. These absences will be recorded as unauthorised. The Standard Assessment Tests for children in Years 2 and 6 take place during the month of May and all children in those age groups are required to be present at school during the tests. Children in Years 3 to 5 take optional SAT’s tests during Year 6 SAT’s week; please avoid taking your children out of school at any time during this period

School Term Dates 2020/2021

AutumnTerm 2020

Start date:Thursday 3rd September

End date:Friday 18th December

Half term:Monday 26th October-Friday 30thOctober

Spring Term 2021

Start date:Monday 4th January

End date: Thursday 1st April

Half term:Monday15th  February-Friday19th February                     

Summer Term 2021

Start date:Monday 19th April

End date: Friday16th July

May Bank Holiday:Monday 3rd May

Half term : Monday 31st May-Friday 4th June

School Term  Dates 2021/2022

Autumn Term 2021

Start date:Thursday 2nd September 

End date:Friday 17th December

Half term:Monday 25th October-Friday 29th October

Spring Term 2022

Start date:Wednesday 5th January

End date: Friday1st April

Half-term:Monday 14th February-Friday18th February

Summer Term 2022

Start date:Wednesday 20th April 

End date:Wednesday 20th July

May Bank holiday:Monday 2nd May

Half term:Monday 30th May to Friday 3rdJune

Bank Holiday Monday 6th June for the Queen's Jubilee

School Term Dates 2022/2023

Autumn Term 2022

Start date:Wednesday7th September

End date :Tuesday20th December

Half-term:Monday 24th October-Friday 28th October

Spring Term 2023

Starts:Wednesday 4th January

Ends:Friday 31st March

Half-term:Monday 20th February-Friday 24th February

Summer Term 2023

Starts:Monday 17th April

Ends: Wednesday 19th July

May Bank Holiday :Monday 1st May

Half-term :Monday 29th May- Friday 2nd June