Primary PE and Sport Premium

Spending and Impact of Primary P.E. & Sport Funding

Financial Year 1st April 2017– 31st March 2018

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Previous Financial Year 1st April 2016 – 31st March 2017

Total Primary P.E. & Sport Funding allocation: £12476

(SP15 – C/Fwd. - £3977)

(SP15 – April – August 2016 - £3529)

(SP16 – Sept 16 – March 17 - £4970)

April 2016

AMV Playground Solutions - £805

Playground markings of Basketball and Netball courts.

Our Key Stage 2 playground lacked equipment and stimulus. The markings, coupled with the purchase of fixed Basketball post in the previous financial year, have provided an area which is more conducive to physical activity. Ball handling skills have developed outside the PE lesson. All though no controlled surveys have taken place, it would appear through staff observation that more children are ‘practicing’ sport on the playground and this sport is no longer dominated by boy’s kicking a football.

May 2016

TTS Group Limited - £65.90

Purchase of 12 Size 4 Footballs solely for the use of Key Stage 1 Football Club.

The Key Stage 1 after-school Football Club which has up to 20 children from Reception to Year 2 attending each week lacked quality resources. The balls were purchased and are stored in a bag in a safe environment so no longer become played with and lost at playtimes. This has resulted in the equipment being readily available, the children having the weekly opportunity to practice their skills and the quality of play improving.

June 2016

Sportsafe UK - £25

Inspection of PE Equipment.

An essential inspection to ensure our children are safe when doing physical activity inside. No areas for development were identified.

June 2016

Coolgreen Ltd - £840

Orienteering sessions. 7 x 1 hour orienteering coaching sessions were provided for the Key Stage 2 children over a 7 week period in April and May.

Our children have had an ‘early opportunity’ to experience the sport of orienteering. The secondary school to which our children move onto has a strong reputation in this sport so the funding has enabled children to develop an early interest and some have extended this interest by joining a club and competing in local competitions.

June 2016

Amazon - £30.65

Sports Day sacks and stickers.

Resources enabled the smooth running of our annual competitive sport’s day in which all children from Nursery to Year 6 competed.

June 2016

Cumbria Cricket Ltd - £396

6 x 1 hour Cricket coaching sessions were provided for the Key Stage 2 children over a 6 week period in April and May. In addition an after school Cricket Club was provided for 6 weeks for all interested Key Stage 2 children, 16 children attended.

Children developed key skills under expert tuition. School was represented on a two of occasions by school teams at local tournaments. 12 children, 6 boys and 6 girls, from Years 5 and 6 competed. In the first tournament, organised by Lindal Cricket Club, the team made it to the final. One child, now in Year 7, trialled for the County team.

June 2016

Northern Archery - £1860

All children from Nursery to Year 6 had the opportunity to experience a different sport in a safe and non-threatening environment. This was done over 6 days with the children working in small groups with two qualified coaches who provided all the equipment.

A very popular and rewarding activity for all children but particularly those who shy away from too much physical activity. However, it would be good if ways could be found to reduce the ‘waiting time.’ Very expensive for 6 days coaching so this may be more worthwhile to be delivered every second year.

July 2016

Identity Ltd – Barrow-in-Furness - £957.15

Tracksuits for Low Furness sports teams.  A full football kit for the younger team players. A set of Low Furness sports t-shirts for Key Stage 1 players. Netball Skorts   

We take every opportunity to allow our children to compete in a range of sporting events regardless of age and gender. We feel it is important for the children to look smart and identify themselves as part of the Low Furness Team. The new kit has achieved this outcome.

July 2016

The Range, Barrow-in-Furness - £46.62

Storage boxes for tracksuits, t-shirts and football kits.

The new kit is now well organised and managed.

November 2016

Race for Life - £415

Payment for Fun Run which all children took part in.

A glorious day in the sunshine when all children and members of staff ran or walked for a minimum of one mile. Many children really challenged themselves and ran for several miles. Not only did the event increase physical endurance, it also developed the children’s teamwork skills prompting support and encouragement as well as perseverance and competitiveness.

December 2016

Onside Sports Coaching - £840

A qualified coach provided 5 x 1hour gymnastic sessions for every child in school over a 5 week time frame during November and December.

In addition an after school Gym Club ran for 5 weeks for approximately 15 of the more able Year 3/4 gymnasts.

Not only did the children develop their gymnastic skills, in addition, the coaching also provided continued professional development for the teaching staff. Gymnastics is an area of physical education which is not a strength of many of the staff, the coaching sessions have resulted in colleagues having increased confidence in the teaching of this discipline. 7 children who attended the after school club developed some of the skills required to successfully compete in the Key Steps Two competition.

December 2016

North Country Leisure - £1136

Hire of the swimming pool for all Key Stage 2 children to give 10 x 30 minute swimming sessions from Sep 2016–Dec 2016.

With the parental contributions, this funding has enabled us to take all Key Stage 2 pupils, 69 children, to Ulverston Swimming Pool for 20 x 30 minute swimming sessions over the Autumn and Spring terms. We entered a team into the Ulverston Schools Gala which involved 8 children competing against local schools. 4 Club swimmers and 4 inexperienced swimmers succeeded in coming second in the Gala; a fantastic result.

January 2017-04-05

Supply cover for Mr Jackson 2 half days. Taking the Key Stage 2 Football team to a local tournament - £283.47

The opportunity was taken to include a range of players with varying abilities, great participation and team work and the team finished a credible second

Taking a Key Stage 2 team to a Sportshall event at UVHS.

A good range of skills acquired and used. The boys’ team came first and the girls’ second given an overall second place achieved. Went through to the area finals in Barrow, challenging competition, not placed but enjoyable.

February 2017

Onside Sports Coaching - £840

A qualified coach provided 6 x 1hour dance sessions for every child from Nursery to Year 4 over a 6 week time frame in January and February.

The Dance sessions proved to be very popular and enjoyable with the children. During the final session the 80 children in Years 1 to 4 performed to over 40 parents and the rest of the school to tunes from the ‘Lion King’. It was incredibly well received.

During this same time frame the Year 5 and 6 children received 6 x 1 hour sessions of Basketball coaching.

In addition an after school Basketball Club ran for 6 weeks for all interested children in Key Stage 2, this being 21 children.

There is no teaching of Basketball expertise within the school staff, the coaching sessions plugged a gap and enabled 29 children in Year 5/6 to develop new skills.

The After-school Club was popular and well-received.

February 2017

Amateur Swimming Association - £107.90

Distance swimming awards for Key Stage 2 children.

Children and parents given the opportunity to celebrate the children’s success in the swimming pool by receiving certificates rewarding the distance they are able to swim during the weekly school swimming sessions.

February/March 2017

Amazon - £18.98

Set of High 5 Netball bibs.

Yorkshire Purchasing - £141.75

Replacement Netball posts.

16 children, 15 girls and 1 boy, from Years 3 to 6 attend a weekly Netball Club. The children are developing the skills and tactics required to successfully participate in this sport.

March 2017

Yorkshire Purchasing - £95

Purchase of 12 Size 5 Footballs solely for use in PE sessions and by the Key Stage 2 Football Club.          

Approximately 24 children regularly attend the weekly Key Stage 2 Football Club. They develop new skills and learn to work as a team.

March 2017

Hope Education - £80.98

Sports equipment for Early Years children.

These medium sized soft blow-up balls have helped the all Early Years children with their physical development. The Nursery children have focussed on their catching skills and Reception children have been throwing at a target.

March 2017

Identity Limited – Barrow- Furness - £39.96

Purchase of additional leotards for the Key Steps 3 Gymnastic Competition.

22 children attended gymnastics practices in preparation for the Key Steps gym competitions.

They developed their skills and knowledge by learning specific routines. The competition also helped with team working skills and was a great confidence booster.

Total       £9048.14